The Breeders And Farmers

Ankura’s roots are based in the majestic highlands of Peru providing us not only the incredible opportunity to work with countless materials but also be exposed to the exceptional people of this territory.

Ankura’s team works to create a new, sustainable fashion industry that creates better job opportunities with fair wages and promotes responsible and ethical practices. Ankura takes great pride in using only the finest local products that not only result in the making of magnificent pieces of clothing but also and more importantly result in the well being of the Peruvian breeders and farmers.

From the high Andes of Perú comes the Alpaca, a camelid with wool softer and more valuable than cashmere. Alpacas have been bred for centuries by the Andean communities, who preserve the ancient techniques once used by the Incas. Andean communities maintain a simple way of life by sustaining themselves with their alpaca products and doing all of their land work with their hands.

In addition, from the extensive farming lands alongside the Pacific Coast of Peru comes one of the finest cotton in the world, the Pima cotton which is world reckoned for its superior quality and comfort.

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