An ethical choice

Know who made your clothes and what your impact is
by wearing Ankura as your ethical fashion choice.

Ankura is a Peruvian based fashion brand that works to complement a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, creating must have pieces with a conscious process.

We believe in:

Partnering with artisans from rural communities and small local entrepreneur workshops in Peru.


As a responsible fashion brand, we choose to give back to the community and share our success with everyone involved in the making of our beautiful pieces, especially with those in need who work for a better future.The stories behind it.

Working with natural and organic fibers, plus eco-friendly packaging.


From the high Andes of Peru comes Alpaca, a camelid with wool softer and more valuable than cashmere. The extensive farming lands alongside the Pacific Coast of Peru bring us Pima Cotton, a globally recognized fiber for its superior quality and comfort. The route of premium natural fiber.


Essential long-lasting garments and accessories with high quality standards.

The Ankura team works diligently to achieve the best results with every collection. Inspiration comes from diverse sources, such as the most important runway shows and its street-style to beautiful Andean Landscapes, the wilderness of the Amazonian Forest and culture from our country, Peru. Each design is tried and tested to meet all the needs and desires of today’s conscious and style driven women. Our style  comes from…


Who we are…the team

Gustavo Espinoza became interested in fostering the ancestral weaving techniques of his country (Peru), during his years as an undergraduate student. He then realized the best way to do it was by giving it a new and modern vision to an eco lifestyle. From there, Ankura’s vision began.

We are based in an office in Lima, Peru. As a diverse group, we share a common vision to empower the potential of ethical and environmental choices that enable a conscious lifestyle without compromising the style of our pieces.