Why wear Organic Clothing?

organic clothing



When it comes to wearing a top, organic clothing is not what comes first in our minds. But knowing the amount of water and pesticides used to make only one shirt is reason enough to start looking for other material options, as such organic clothing seems to be in the right direction for a positive sustainable change.


That’s why in all our collections, the organic cotton we use is certified by the USDA organization meaning is cultivated in lands free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and defoliants, unlike regular cotton production. The organic cotton uses much less water than regular cotton, . These chemicals are very damaging to the environment, to the land, rivers, and animals around the cotton fields, they can be also very harmful to cotton field workers, they can provoke some illnesses like cancer.


Organic cotton


As for the range of colors and the dye used in it, currently, Ankura is looking into different natural dyes to be able to implement a more varied color range in a sustainable way, besides the natural undyed that we are using right now. Shop Ankura.


organic clothing dress

Arielle Organic, 100% Cotton Dress 


We encourage you to always read the labels in the clothes you’re buying since that will give you a better glimpse on how much plastic you’re letting in your closet and start giving a chance to better and more sustainable materials. Organic clothing, (for instance, organic cotton) is one of those and at Ankura you can choose from a varied range of clothing.


ODhalia top, Anastasia pants


What about Polyester?… probably many pieces of your wardrobe are made of it. Polyester is a fiber derived from oil, it is not our intention to cover in this post the benefits and negatives sides to use polyester (and oil), but you get the impression when it is not very soft to your skin, to begin with.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments. And read our next post if you’d like to know “Why is alpaca better than cashmere?”

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