Sustainable Fashion is NOT a trend.



In a world where we’re influenced by trends, embracing a new lifestyle from one’s own conviction seems uncommon.

Sure most of us love trends, I mean its why Fast Fashion even exists. But because of this exact reason, is why we shouldn’t refer to Sustainable Fashion as a trend.

Fast fashion has gotten us used to see new clothes every one or two weeks, at questionably low prices and an even more questionable manufacture. Sustainable fashion in its many forms, can favor natural, responsibly sourced, and/or recycled materials, social responsibility, fair prices (Both for the consumer and the manufacturers) and a specific approach towards improving the choices you make when you decide to shop.

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more about “Sustainable Fashion” and how it seems to be the upcoming trend when it comes to the whole Wellness culture. Several publications, keep calling it a “trend” and while sure, technically it is one when it really shouldn’t be considered that way.

What’s the main focus of a trend? Its ephemeral quality. It’s something current, relevant, “of the moment”. But as soon as it reaches its peak on popularity, early adopters move on to the next subject. And it fades away as the rest eventually follows.

This is where we’re wrong. Sustainable fashion is a movement, not a trend. It’s the next step we need to make to improve ourselves, whether we’re consumers or industry insiders to make the fashion industry more fair towards society.

As we’ve explained before, there are many ways to approach it and the important thing to keep in mind is that it should be taken as a new habit we’re trying to get used to. You don’t have to go in cold turkey. As soon as one habit sticks, embracing the rest will come easier.

Further in, sustainability as a concept should be the new way all types of new businesses are conceived. We know it’s easier said than done, but if nobody starts even by trying to change a habit; say start buying from a local brand or one that works with responsibly sourced materials there’s no way we can make bigger changes in the long run.

Ready to embrace sustainability into your lifestyle? Get to know a few sustainable brands from the article we’re sharing below. Ankura fosters ethical fashion and embraces the movement, we are guided by code of practice of Fair Trade by WFTO.

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